Find Your Summer Style!



What does summer mean to you?

For us, it’s a time for making memories. Going on day trips, visiting festivals and heading off on holidays… It’s a reason to kick off our shoes and run through the fields barefoot at one with nature, or visit the beach to swim in the sea and enjoy ice lollies in the sunshine!

For us, summer is a never-ending adventure. Perhaps it’s a trip around Sri Lanka visiting the green jungle, catching rainbows in the summer rain on lush tea plantations, seeing whales swim in the deep ocean and spotting lazy leopards on safari. Or maybe it’s a journey through the British countryside on a hazy, lazy summer’s day with the sound of the bees buzzing in the long, wavy grass?

Whatever summer means to you and your family, make it fun, make it colourful, make it organic and sustainable. Our collection is made from 100% organic cotton jersey and knit.
Make your summer memories in The bonnie mob.