Envisioned by maternal instinct of two kids, Claire took initiative to design and
create a unique kids brand, Petite Hailey. Rooting in the Southern California
lifestyle with formation of first store in Pasadena, California, Claire interacted
with fellow mothers and consumers by presenting recognized multi-brands but
noted a missing gap among the lines of clothing and accessories for kids. And that void was filled with amazing and enticing ideas that helped to create Petite Hailey. Petite Hailey was made using creative elements and free-chemical safe products in care for Claire's own kids and all Petite Hailey lovers. 
The clothing fabric is soft for kids from infancy to young age yet durable and washable with minimal care. Petite Hailey was launched in recent years but loved by many kids and parents worldwide. Petite Hailey features unique and chic designs from newborn to 12-year old girl.