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Clarke & Barba is an L.A. based company was started with the idea that quality and value could be one in the same. We truly care about our products and are involved in every aspect of them. We choose prints and materials that we find interesting and different to give your outfit more unique look and ensure everything is made by hand to provide quality products with unmatched attention to detail.


Established in 2009, Wife and husband Melissa Clarke & Silvano Barba were inspired by a mutual love for one another and for fashion during a chance meeting in 1993. After establishing the fashion blog Mode Populi, they decided to release a line of fine handcrafted accessories under Clarke & Barba with their individual and unique take on everyday classics for all to enjoy. 

 “We want this company to have the same values as our blog. Fashion (Mode) for the People (Populi). Fashion is about confidence. It’s like walking with a smile on your face or having good posture. Wearing something that makes you look good on the outside will make you feel good inside. Therefore giving you confidence to do what you want with your life. What you wear is a form of self-expression; anyone can buy what’s on the mannequin and follow trends.  Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn!  We want to share this way of positive thinking with the things that inspire us in fashion. To share the confidence, share the fashion, share the Mode Populi.”